Infrastructural work

Infrastructural work

Infrastructures are defined as “the structural skeleton of a territory” I.L.E.S. s.r.l. contributes to the growth and the development of it with the construction of runways of airports, roads, aqueducts, water purification and reconversion of purified water recycled for irrigation.

Military Marine Antenna Melilli

Synthetic grass Baseball field Nas II

Molded concrete for street furniture

Runway Sigonella Nas II

Tense structure University of Catania

Street Cavour - Vittoria

Municipality of Bussolengo

Building construction in c.a. and building finishes, including electro-mechanical and archive air conditioning works. Library for Public Use Bussolengo Municipality, the rectangular building consists of 2 floors and basement, for a total area of 7,160 square meters comprising 3,250 square meters ground floor, 1,410 square meters of floor space, and 2,500 square meters of basement, plus 810 square meters of garden, complete with furnishings.