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The constant commitment of I.L.E.S. s.r.l. in the field of construction extends to many categories of specialist works and public work which are the company’s strength.

The range of executable works and ancillary services includes the realization of technological systems, civil and industrial buildings and infrastructural works. Categories of works for which the company is certified and which over the years has achieved excellent results.

I.L.E.S. Impresa Lavori Edili Stradali

I.L.E.S. s.r.l. is qualified to realize systems certified by law 37/08 letters:

A. Production plant, transport, distribution and utilization of electricity inside buildings starting from the energy delivery point provided by the distributor;

B. Radio-Television and electronic systems generally, antennas and atmospheric discharge systems;

C. Heating and air-conditioning systems operated by liquid fluid, aeriform, gaseous and of any nature or species;

D. Sanitary systems as well as transportation, treatment, use, storage and consumption of water inside buildings starting from the water supply point provided by the distributor;

E. Transport and use systems of liquid or aeriform gases inside buildings starting from the gaseous fuel delivery point provided by the distributor;

F. Lifting systems for people or things by lifts, freight elevators, escalators and similars;

G. Fire protection systems.

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